Sunday, 28 June 2009

Real Life Exhibition

I took part in a group exhibition alongside my classmates in the 2nd year of the illustration course at LCC. The Exhibition was called "Real Life" and took place in Area 10 in Peckham. My piece for the exhibition was a street party set up indoors. I was selling my bags and Biscuit Brooches whilst laying on a feast of a Cream Tea complete with finger sanwiches and scones.

Tote Bags

Another new addition to the stall this year are Tote bags. At the moment I have one design which I have screen printed myself by hand. The floral pattern in the design was taken from some curtains which my Granny gave me (before they were cut up to make bunting). They are limited to just 30.

Clay Jammie Dodger Brooch

Here's the Jammie Dodger brooch. It looks quite real, even if i do say so myself.