Friday, 22 May 2009

Biscuit Brooches

Another brilliant idea from Owen.....

Strawberry Jam sented Candles

This was all Owen's idea to make them so i can't take credit of it, but it does mean that I can say 'What an awesome idea, they are so cute'.
The wax is gel wax so it looks really like jam and it smells like strawberries. They burn really well too, this one has 2.5 cm of gel wax to burn and it lasts over 12 hours.

Grand Plans

Here are a few pages from the sketchbook, where i write down all of ideas and designs that I have for the stall.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Street Party

So the honerable Kristie Allsop has gone and used "Homemade Home" as the title for her new television series. As a result of which my website/shop has been enjoying a bit of action, so i'm rather pleased. This has awakened me out of my hibernation period (prompting me to set up a blog backdating my progress)and so I'm thinking about organizing a street party in a VE Day celebratory style fashion. With the aim of killing a few birds with as little stones as possable as far as relaunching Homemade and helping me with my school project is concerned.

Up to speed

This was how my stall looked at the end of my summer stint in Greenwich Indoor Market. I'm already preparing for this summer on the stall. We've got all sorts of things in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Last stall of the summer 2008

This brings us pretty much up to speed with where the stall was left at in September last year.
I'm planning on starting it up again this summer when uni breaks up. I can't wait. There are so many things that i want to do.

I really like making things.

4 weeks in

4 weeks in and our market stall has come on leaps and bounds. One of the biggest new improvements was the addition of the sew-your-own kits. The idea was born out of the fact that we're so used to cheap imported goods made by people who are essentially being exploited. We want to promote fair trade and the way in which we saw fit to do this was by encouraging people to make something by hand and see how time and effort it takes. Also the kits teach you different stitches.
It was my boyfriend Owen's idea to do a sew-your-own flying ducks set.


Gradually, as each week went on I added more and more items to the stall for sale.
This included things made by others. My Boyfriend's mum knitted a pencil case for the stall as well as hand knitted "paper" chains, decorative handing hearts and hair clips.
My mum contribution has been some beautiful crocheted flower brooches. How talented they are!

The very first Homemade stall

This was the humble beginnings of Homemade.
I started this little project as a way of avoiding getting a "proper job" last summer by making and selling my own Bunting at Greenwich market. Back then Bunting was my only product on my stall apart from a few Button Hair Clips